How to change whatsapp messages of anyone ?

Last Updated on 25 Jul 2021 by Satya Prakash Singh Rathour
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1. Launch WhatsApp Web in the browser - The first step will be to open  browser on your computer or laptop and then go on to launch the WhatsApp Web.


2.   Open the three-dot menu - The next step will be to open WhatsApp on your phone and head to the option of WhatsApp Web there.


3.    Read the QR code - After you open the WhatsApp Web, a QR reader will automatically appear on your mobile phone screen. 

  1. 4. WhatsApp is ready - Now you have successfully logged into WhatsApp Web. Its now time to work like a PRO.

5. Now you have to place the cursur on the message which you want to change and right chick on mouse .


6.Now click on last option that is inspect element. After clicking on this you will redirected to page like




7. Now you have to change that message inside span tag as you want.

8.1.     Now as you can see I have successfully changed okay to



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